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Refusing to Accept the Unacceptable - Hardcopy Version

eBook Version - Please Right Click Link to Purchase

About the Book

In Refusing to Accept the Unacceptable: The Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs of Workplace Bullying and Harassment, author Denise Koster shines a spotlight on the far-reaching impact of violence and harassment in the workplace. 

With real-world insights and powerful case studies of individuals who have endured bullying and incivility, as well as those who have lost their lives to workplace violence, Denise debunks myths about workplace misconduct and offers important revelations about its perpetrators and victims. 

Based on 30 years of casework and workplace investigations, Denise’s book explores key psychological, behavioural and situational risk factors that leaders must be aware of in today’s challenging business environment. 

Leveraging her experience as a Certified Threat Manager, Denise offers educational tools such as prescriptive strategies, and detailed processes that organizations can adopt to protect themselves and their employees. 

This timely book is essential reading for anyone who has experienced workplace violence or harassment as well as managers, human resources professionals and other advocates searching for solutions.