“Don’t become preoccupied with your child’s academic ability, but instead teach them to sit with those sitting alone. Teach them to be kind. Teach them to offer help. Teach them to be a friend to the lonely. Teach them to encourage others. Teach them to share. Teach them to look for the good. This is how they will change the world.”


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“Let introduce myself as the fortunate recipient of one of your training sessions recently "bullying in the workplace" and thank you for the work you do in raising awareness, and educating toward creating healthier work environments and lives. I can't tell you how so much of your presentation hit home with me, and a situation that I could not put a "label" on for lack of better words, until receiving your information. My family has struggled with a situation for almost a year now, and still suffer the repercussions of what I believe is the work of a bully. Again, I am not sure if you can help us Denise but it just felt like such a glimpse of hope hearing your presentation and being able to validate what has been so surreal.” 

"Excellent; very dynamic speaker; enjoyed the session; admire your passion."

"Denise is an amazing presenter and was very effective. This is challenging material to present but it was handled in a manner that was simple and easy to follow. More importantly it will be easy to implement."

"Excellent, knowledgeable – like use of humour to soften a very serious subject matter."

"Just a quick note to thank you again for your very informative session yesterday. I have received some very positive feedback from both internal and external staff, one of which did not attend the session but overheard others talking about the day. Compressing 3 days of material into one, while balancing attendee engagement and information overload can be very challenging and you did a fantastic job!"

"Awesome! I loved her honest, straightforward approach. Everything was great. Thank you!"